Competition Rules



 COMPETITION INFORMATION- Friday, June 2, 2017 at the White Eagle Hall, 90 Dock St in Victoria, BC

  • This is an Amateur competition only open to any individual that enjoys dance as a “hobby” and does not earn a living or work part time in the dance industry.  You cannot be classed as an Amateur if you have been paid for performing or teaching in the past or have danced on a semi-pro or pro team.
  •  Rehearsal will be held from 7:00-8:00pm
  • You must be at the White Eagle Hall at 8:00 draw your number for what order you will compete. You will forfeit the right to compete if you are not present at the time of the drawing.
  • You will be disqualified if your music is longer than 2 minutes.


  • Warm up rounds are 1.5 – 2.0 minutes and competitors will dance to the DJ’s pre selected music.
  • Music must be at least 80% salsa.
  • You are allowed to mix no more than 3 different songs or 3 mixes in one routine.
  • No longer than 2 minutes
  • Dips, drops and tricks are allowed in the solo performance.
  • No Dips, Drops or Flares permitted during the heated performances.
  • Shines are permitted although not more than 30% of the performance may consist of shines or side by sides.
  • Solo performances must consist of 70% Salsa dancing.
  • No routine previously performed in past years will be allowed to be used again.


  • Competitors must bring their own music (2 CDs). Only music of one performance is allowed on each CD.  Prepare at least 2 CDs on different CD brands with the music for each routine.
  • The DJ will not slow down or speed up your CD.
  • Please protect your CD’s by having covers for each one. Also please identify your CD by putting your name, name of song, artist name, name of record company and author of song and length of each song on the CD. This is very important.


Timing: 1 – 40 points _________

Appearance (Includes Costumes) 1 – 10 points _________

Style & Technique: 1-10 points ________

Partnering: 1 – 10 points __________

Choreography: 1 – 10 points _________

Overall Presentation: 1 – 10 points _________

Points for Audience Reaction 1 – 10 points _________


All decisions are final and are to be determined by the Scrutineer and Head Judge.

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