Salsa Training Team


Akzhana Issabekova

When Akzhana moved to Victoria in September 2013, her friend introduced her to the salsa community. She immediately fell in love with salsa & bachata and with the good people that she met there. "When I saw Christina and her teams performing on the annual theatre showcase I was under such a big impression. I could only dream to become part of the team…and now my dream came true! "


Alicia Laroque

Alicia was introduced to salsa in September 2016 and decided to audition and join the local team in January 2016. She was excited to learn and was dedicated to advancing her skills so that she could one day travel with the training and ladies team. "This year I accomplished that dream and am looking forward to sharing more experiences with the team!"


Bradley Bachmeier

Brad has always been a music enthusiast having taught himself how to play a number of instruments including guitar, bass, piano and saxophone. After being introduced to salsa he rapidly became enthralled by it, fascinated by its musical structure and significance. “Salsa has quickly become a passionate hobby of mine. I am very excited to learn more about salsa as a dance and culture.”


Etienne Leclerc

I find in Salsa a fascinating blend of art, science, culture, and communication; studying it at Salsa Caliente is a truly exhilarating experience.


Jason Grenier

Jason started taking lessons at Salsa Caliente in June 2016 to try something new. With next to no dance experience, he quickly challenged himself by joining the performance training team in September 2016 and then another training team in December 2016. "It is a challenge. I have good days and bad days, but I enjoy myself regardless. I was told by another dancer that once you get around the learning curve, salsa is well worth the effort. So that is what keeps me going."


Jenna Lange

Jenna took her first baby ballet class when she was three years old and has been dancing various styles since then, including jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary. Jenna has always loved salsa music but only recently started learning this style of dance. She joined Christina's Performance Training class in the fall of 2016 and is so glad she decided to audition for the teams.


Chris Sundstrom- Understudy

This is Chris' fifth year with the Salsa Caliente's Salsa teams and his sixth year with our Bachata team. He has performed in New York, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and Victoria and is excited to be returning for another amazing season. Chris began dancing seven years ago with Cuban Salsa and has expanded his horizons with Salsa Caliente to include NY and Puerto Rican On2, LA On1, Cha Cha Cha, Son, Plena, Bachata, Merengue and several other styles. "Live, love, learn, dance!".


Diane Lehmann- Understudy

Diane has been dancing most of her life and found salsa when she moved to Victoria to study physics. "I am excited to finally have the time to join the team and am looking forward to improving my salsa dancing!"

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